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Some people just ‘pop down the road’ to see their family. We have to fly across an ocean from Saint Paul, MN to the UK and then undertake another journey to get to the Orkney Islands, located off the north coast of Scotland… but what an utterly magical place. Stunning natural beauty, ancient archaeology and incredible mystery. It’s got a wonderful atmosphere unlike anywhere else on earth. We took an old camera and kept shooting during our 100 hours on Orkney video.

SERIOUSLY. The Orkney Islands are utterly beautiful. Skara Brae was inhabited before the pyramids were built. Standing among the stones of the Ring Of Brodgar is like going back in time to another world. There are so many wonderful stories there, so much mystery, so much incredible nature and natural beauty!

We were very luck with some of our weather. In particularly, the moment that we were driving to the Ring of Brodgar, the light began to change and the low sun cast a beautiful reddish glare across the landscape. There is a loch close by and the waters were so calm that the reflections formed a mirror-surface. Extraordinary.

We took our old 600d on one of its final outings, stuck our favorite EFS 17-55mm 2.8 on the end and didn’t take it off. It’s always interesting to see, even with such incredible equipment around these days, what you can get out of something totally out of date! It’s always more than you think. 🙂

The soundtrack was a suggestion from Grandpa Drew, a man with an Orcadian soul, and the poetry of Orkney-native George Mackay Brown seemed the perfect atmospheric complement.

Here are a couple of photos we took on an earlier trip… the places are the same, however!


Ring of Brodgar


Brough of Birsay


Skara Brae

No Admittance

Loch of Harray



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