Point and Shoot?

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A couple-weeks back, I uploaded a video from one of our wonderful 2015 wedding projects and as I was writing the accompanying copy I mentioned that this was a project in which we’d captured some of our very-favorite footage of any we’ve shot so far. It was, as the title suggests: point and shoot! It was, as I wrote, the …

BLOG – 100 Hours On Orkney

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Some people just ‘pop down the road’ to see their family. We have to fly across an ocean from Saint Paul, MN to the UK and then undertake another journey to get to the Orkney Islands, located off the north coast of Scotland… but what an utterly magical place. Stunning natural beauty, ancient archaeology and incredible mystery. It’s got a …

Chad Greenway Foundation / Sony A7s

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Nick talking about a couple of events we shot with Chad Greenway Foundation and thoughts on using the Sony A7s for the first time ‘in anger’… though not actually angrily because it’s a great little camera. Albeit one with a record button that is quite difficult to press. Thanks to the lovely people from Prolanthropy for having us!

Pharmaceutical Video Solution… ing.

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Here at MakeYourName we love taking-on projects of all different types and so when we were asked to produce an instructional pharmaceutical video for a groundbreaking cancer treatment last year then we gladly accepted the challenge. ONCOSIL is a groundbreaking cancer treatment created by Oncosil Medical, based out of Australia. It works by directly implanting radioactive material into a tumor and …