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Here at MakeYourName we love taking-on projects of all different types and so when we were asked to produce an instructional pharmaceutical video for a groundbreaking cancer treatment last year then we gladly accepted the challenge.

ONCOSIL is a groundbreaking cancer treatment created by Oncosil Medical, based out of Australia. It works by directly implanting radioactive material into a tumor and the primary application of the treatment is in Pancreatic cancer, a form of the disease that has been a recent and terrible scourge of our family, taking a loved-one.

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For this reason, the ONCOSIL project has a very special significance for us at MakeYourName and it was a real pleasure to see everything come together.

We handled almost everything in-house, from initial storyboarding to grading and soundtrack composition. It’s great to have the control to oversee every facet of a production and we like to think that we have the skills to really make a project come to life at every stage.

Storyboarding was, in fact, one of our favorite parts of this project because after the initial meetings, much of it was done poolside! Amazing things you can do with an iPad and an internet connection these days. 🙂

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Production was completed in London, UK with the valuable assistance of Messrs. Alex Cribs and Kristian Young. Shooting in the operating theatre while the procedure was being carried-out was, in particular, a great experience but not for the feint of heart!

Our ‘A’ cam was the Sony F5 and we had a set of Zeiss CP2 which performed admirably, though I wish that we’d actually gone with a zoom in the end because due to the cramped nature of the second day’s shooting, changing lenses on the one camera became a pain in the butt.

We had to overcome a few obstacles… illness, bodily fluids, lack of personal space etc. but with such a great team that was never going to stop us. It might be the most over-produced pharmaceutical video ever created but the extra care and production value really elevates it, we think.

Post Production was undertaken back at base in Saint Paul, MN while the voice-over was recorded by Sam Featherstone at Price Studios, again in London, UK. Sam also handled the final audio mixing.

All-in-all, the project could hardly have come out any better. I wish I’d got to take some BTS photos of the shoot to add here but directing this one was hectic to say the least. The feedback that we have received from the US and UK regulatory bodies about the video has been very satisfying indeed.

Pharmaceutical video is generally seen as a dull money-maker in video production circles but it’s vital for a great many reasons and we’re passionate about providing the same quality of production to this as to any other project that we undertake. The video that we created helps train physicians to carry-out a treatment that will save many live and we’re delighted to have done our bit.



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